Sometimes you do something and realize afterward how unnecessary it was. And all because you don’t even follow your own instincts.

Yesterday after I got home after running some errands, I suddenly found my home computer wouldn’t turn on. It had worked with no problem that morning, but for absolutely no reason that I could see, it would NOT turn on.

This was frustrating and annoying. Also maddening. I am planning on replacing this computer soon, but not quite yet! I can’t really spare the money right now, it being home improvement year and all. Besides I think I’d like to use it as a combination backup and alternative test zone. I’ve always wanted to try the Linux OS, but being the chronic doublechecker, etc., that I am, I didn’t like the idea of playing with my one computer. But if I replace this as my main computer, then I could use it to play with the riskier items that I don’t want to try on my other pc.

I’ve also found that I am beginning to be addicted to constant internet contact. Not so much that I am always on or always need to be on, but I need to be always ABLE to get on if I’m at home. There’s too many things I do online which are part of the structure of my daily life, like paying my bills and checking my emails, that being without the capability for connection is subtly worrying. (It’s different if I plan it, like going on vacation.)

So, even though I didn’t want to, I got up and went to Best Buy to buy a new power supply. But the prices were obscene. Pardon, but I can get a decent power supply for $40 or less, not $70 or more! This store is definitely not meant for the person who knows what they want! That meant that I needed to go to Microcenter, which is a little farther away. So back home I went, since it was already too late to make it before they closed.

So this morning I got and get the power supply, among my other morning errands, get home, and start to replace it. And what happens? I 1) find out what is actually wrong is the power switch, which I forgot existed, got turned off accidentally, and 2) discover that the power supply I did buy won’t work with my computer (SATA connection, not IDE). I’m not sure which realization is more irritating. If I had just followed my instincts and pulled out my computer to really examine it carefully last night, this could all have been avoided.

Oh well, at least I got the computer(s) moved to where I want them now.


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