bag for my niece

I’m working on a bag for my niece with some fabric that she picked out. I want it to be a cross between a tote bag and a purse, so not too big. But with some nice quilting and pockets and lining, and some really interesting fabric that I would never have chosen.

bag body with quilting

bag body with quilting

This is filled with polka dots. I have an idea my niece would love it after I saw her bedroom redecoration last year. There was a definite tendency toward polka dots.

I am not a polka dot person.

I also chose some related fabric from the same collection by Amy Butler to try out. It’s the Lotus collection, I think, from a year or so ago.

I did some basic quilting of circles and spirals, to emphasize the circle of the fabric.

I bought some silk, I think, if I remember correctly, to line it with. I may not choose this kind of fabric again, at least not for bags. It was a real hassle to work with, but I’m not entirely sure why. Its extreme flexibility? lightweightness? wrinkliness? The color is excellent, but the fabric is not precisely doing what I want it to do.

Anyway, I’m also planning on putting in a zipper top that can completely separate. I’ve got the zipper sandwiched in between the lining and some contrast fabric, the same as the side pockets that you can see up there.

Here’s what the zipper looks like right now, before I start sewing everything together.

At this point, I’m not sure what order to do things in next. I need to put some binding around the zipper edges on the ends, sign the sides of the lining together, sew the sides of the bag together, insert the lining into the bag and fold down the top edges, then sew the handles on to the bag. Interface them? Oh, and add the top as I sew down the top edges and hem them so that they are firmly caught and no raw edges show.

I think the bottom edges of the zipper top will get covered with bias binding first. I’ll contemplate what comes next after that.

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