thinking about crafts

I find that when I go on a trip, I actually think about crafts more than most people might think. That is when I take the opportunity to browse through books that I checked out of the library, books on techniques, new patterns, new ideas, or moving farther along with the ones I already have. I work on projects, but they are either a project that needs a specific piece of work done that needs a bit more concentration and time than I can easily achieve at home, or else something easy and simple. And of course, portable.

But after I started this blog entry, I realized that I didn’t feel anything profound to say about that fact. I didn’t find time to write on the vacation time, time blurred on me when I got back home, and suddenly…

My brain is full of things to work on, craft-wise and other. I think I need a mental clearing, in other words, a LIST.

  1. Weaving dishtowels — I actually started up the weaving of them. All I can say is, the warping shows that I am a beginner.
  2. Spinning silk — I’d like to get that batch done, so I can actually see if I’ve achieved anything, plus I really want to move on to the Shetland batch I got in class.
  3. Domovoi shawl — significant progress
  4. Socks — I’ve stalled because I don’t have a good way to carry them around because I lost my stitch covers. I really must buy some more, because they really, really made a difference.
  5. Lochinvar sweater — hibernating until I pick up the arms
  6. Top-down sweater — ready to pick up again now that it’s cool
  7. Scarf — I feel this weird guilt that I’ve been working on this so long and haven’t yet finished it. It’s for me, so nobody is expecting it, but really!
  8. Baby kimono — it just needs the i-cord edging added.
  9. Dragon crossstitch — I’m actually approaching the end. What I really need right now is some finishing details before I focus totally on the backstitch. I already have two crossstitch/embroidery patterns to start on as soon as this is done, one large, one small.
  10. Quilting of denim quilt, done by hand, moving along slow but steady
  11. Sampler quilt for machine quilting — I need to baste it
  12. Crazy quilt — still piecing
  13. French braid quilt for bedroom — still piecing
  14. Bag for DNiece1
  15. Nightshirt for learning about sewing with knits
  16. Muslin for dress in style I really like
  17. Baby hat, using up leftovers
  18. anything else I can think of? There are several ideas that I am contemplating as soon as I finish something!!!! Cotton cardigan, next lace shawl, next batch of dishtowels, machine embroidery decorations for crazy quilt (it’s a machine crazy quilt), the really big idea of a quilt made from my woven fabric, maybe some of which I spun myself? I’ll have to write a separate idea blog post for that one.

Anyway, that is just the craft list. There is still continuing work on the bathroom renovation, after which I’ll have a long list of items to finish up in general in relation to the house, especially cleanup!!! Also, I’m getting interested in digital scrapbooking. New ideas everywhere.

Okay, that helps a little bit. I need to go back and finish the list in detail for the bathroom and home stuff, then a list for Christmas gifts, then maybe I’ll figure out what needs my focus right now, for which I have enough energy.


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