Satisfaction of creativity

It’s funny how sometimes you get lost in the busyness of life and then suddenly realize — I’m not getting what I need. My life in the last month or so has been busy enough that I’m not finding even the minimum amount of time necessary to satisfy my crafting urges. Last night, instead of going to bed as soon as I got home, as I probably should have, I stayed up an extra hour to wind a skein of yarn and chart up one of the designs from Barbara Walker’s first Treasury. I was filled with the hunger to knit something. Today I finally found some time at lunch to start the swatch — blanket, scarf, stole? — and walked away feeling satisfied. I’m not sure why it needed to be knitting; that’s usually my hour for cross stitch. I’m not sure why it needed to be cables, although I have been thinking about them for a while. I just know I walked away feeling that faint sense of satisfaction.

It wasn’t enough. I’m hungry for more.

Tonight I’m going to do some more and maybe some weaving too. I’ve got a warp to finish. And this weekend I really must do some of the cross stitch, if only to make up for the lost hour of stitchery today. And, well, who knows what else? There are things I must get done this weekend, but my main focus this Saturday is going to be some crafting. I really need it.

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