Rants about work

There are times when I feel stifled and frustrated here at MPOW.


The obvious – because they employ me, I cannot always voice my disagreement with those in authority over me. They might want to get rid of me, and I’m not ready to go.

Less obvious – although I do disagree with many decisions, my thoughts are not necessarily based on the same information they have. Presumably, they have a wider view than I have of what MPOW is doing and needs, though I do in fact doubt that. Simply keeping up with what they do allow us to see demands way too much time, and I do have a life outside of my job.

Not visible to others – as best I can tell, management here completely ignores us down-in-the-trenches people when making decisions. While I would certainly understand not depending on the ideas of some of the stuck-in-the-mud types here, seems to me that they are not really paying attention to the fact that some people are far more interested in and welcoming to new, innovative ideas. (Age is not necessarily a factor here.) Perhaps it is because they assume that the work we are doing automatically means we are not interested in changing it. To a certain extent, they might be right, but that is at least in part because they haven’t shown me that their new ideas are workable. It looks like they are willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater, instead of truly understanding that some form of the standards that exist will always be needed even as newer social software allows us a great deal of flexibility and user-centered power.

Visible but powerless – too many are retiring and nobody is being hired to replace them. Parts of my work are being devalued by the use of shortcuts. I’ve yet to see any true justification of these decisions other than the desire to increase production numbers without increase in production costs.

What do I like about working here?

I like the actual work I do. My work appeals to my sense of order and satisfies my desire to be of service.

Though too often I have to push for them, I have found opportunities to develop myself professionally. And there are other opportunities that I have yet to pursue that are still in the back of my mind.

I have found common ground with many other colleagues here who do care about the work we do.

Although it has taken a good deal of time to reach this point, I do have opportunities to connect with sister institutions in the outside world. Unfortunately this is not easy here, because this is a very insular world, especially in my division, but I have found ways.

Slow and steady growth as a professional person has occurred.

They pay me well.

When will this change?

There will come a time, I think, when what I have here will change to point that I can no longer endure my frustrations, but that time has not yet come. I hope it won’t for several more years yet.


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