Repeated increases

I’ve been working on some socks, and I have realized that I like the Judy’s magic cast on when I’m starting from the toe-up. But I have a problem with the increases.

I like to increase at the sides, which means just inside the edge of the first and last stitches. But when I try an increase like Make one, I end up with holes I don’t like. When I tried the LLinc and RLinc that Cat Bordhi uses, it does NOT work well, at least on one side of it. I end up with one really stretched loop on the LLinc side. I tried to add the increases in the center of the front and back instead of at the sides, working from Cat’s statement that it doesn’t really matter where the increases are, but it looked rather peculiar.

I wonder what would happen if I moved the increases back and forth between two stitches, like the next to last stitch and the one right before it? I like the LRinc and LLinc increases due to their almost invisibility. And while I have used the Kf&b for increases — it’s fairly invisible — it’s hard to feel that it is even on both sides of the sock.

I’m frustrated by this.

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  1. December 28, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    When you do Cat Bordhi’s, does the right leaning increase look like this: Left leaning increase would be to take the stitch in the same row as the red stitch, but pull the one under the right needle up and to the left, knitting through the back of that loop.
    And while I don’t like their abbreviations, I do like the samples here:
    I think this is a video of it:

    Yeah…I go a little overboard.
    ; )

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