I just had some ideas!

I was actually taking a class on how to use Microsoft Outlook for work, and I had a sudden idea on how to use it for personal life. (This just goes to show that we have no separate lives, just one life with different aspects.) One thing I’ve never been quite sure how to handle is the repeating tasks of the household. I did not want to clutter up my regular task list with that kind of thing, but I didn’t see any other appropriate place to put it. But the class was talking about using multiple calendars in Outlook, and I suddenly saw that I could use a secondary calendar in Outlook to schedule those items as recurring events, using the note field to record actual times done and not done — I’m under no illusion that I will always do them on schedule — and that calendar will neither clutter up my ongoing appointments nor will it overwhelm my task list.

A perfect solution? No, but then there isn’t one.

Other idea? I have been frustrated by the mishmash of items that I use for my desk space and the things (books, papers, etc.) that still end up on the floor. The mishmash is not doing the job, but what would? I suddenly realized that I need a general desk/shelving unit, but not a real, extended desk, just a big shelving unit with a longer midsection where I could put my laptop and monitor. I would need a big one, but not some of the really large monsters that are available out there, since my LR area is not that large and I would not want to overpower my space. And bookshelves wouldn’t work, since they wouldn’t be deep enough to handle some of the paraphernalia. But if I could get this right, I would have lots of shelving space for the computer and its paraphernalia, all the things currently on my end table, and some other things that currently live on the floor. I might even be able to get rid of the end table — or at least replace it with a smaller one. This would open up my space nicely, I think, and provide the appropriate storage.

The problem? Well, money and actually finding the thing. I’ve been doing a little online looking, and I’m not finding what I want. And a cheap version from ikea or the container store is NOT going to work; I am endlessly tired of cheap furniture. It makes me feel like I’m still in college, and that boat has floated. Plus I really don’t like the veneer over MDF or its variants; it shows wear and tear a little too quickly. I want real, solid wood that will last.


Patience and persistence will get it done, but I’m sometimes tired of waiting.

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