priorities of crafting

I have too many items in progress: it is making it hard to choose what to focus on next.

  • Finishing up the weaving in of ends for Lochinvar
  • blackwork piece
  • winding the warp for the next mini-project
  • bamboo socks for summer
  • knitting for the felted fabric
  • sewing stuff
  • quilting stuff
  • prepping for the next embroidery project (mixture of crossstitch and blackwork)
  • moving the current socks into the bag

And that’s just the fiber crafting stuff. Other things needs to get done as well:

  • make at least three separate phone calls
  • grind grain (a secondary thing)
  • cook for this week’s meals
  • ginger beer recipe: find and make?
  • use whey
  • vacuum
  • paint BA1 ceiling
  • wash some clothes
  • gardening stuff
  • taxes

Then comes the work stuff. At least I know when that is the focus, but it still needs prioritizing! I definitely need to do a weekly review, but that needs time too.

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