Make it really free

I’ve been visiting a lot of scrapbook designers’ sites, browsing around, seeing what’s available, trying to formulate what I like and don’t like. And quite a few of them have freebies to play with. And every single time they require that you “register” before you can download. In other words, it is not really free.

I find this irritating.

I know that they are trying to get you to buy, but you know, I am attempting to try you out before I buy. Why am I going to give you all this personal information, including my phone number (why my phone number? It’s not really necessary if I buy from you online) before I’ve even decided that I want to buy from you?

So, just so that all of you out there realize…when you ask me to register in order to download a freebie, you lose me. I’m not going through that hassle for something I just casually want to try.


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