What makes a craft appealing

Every craft has its appeal. People regularly make these broad, sweeping statements about their craft that really reflect themselves. I find this annoying.

Statement made: what makes quilting appealing is the mathematical puzzle of putting it together.

Response in my head: Really? What about all those art quilters that are creating a landscape or painting on fabric?  Are they being mathematical?

Answer: obviously not!

What is really being expressed is what they think appeals to them, and maybe the crafters with whom they are most familiar. And since we tend to be most familiar with the things we like, then our attention is disproportionately focused on those like themselves, thus there is a feedback loop that reinforces the generalization. But really this is just an example of sloppy thinking and inadequate research.

I really wish people would take the time to think.

A quiet month

Considering how much I like being home, I travel a good bit. On the other hand, I like traveling. What’s the problem?

Oh, yes, of course, TIME!

I firmly believe that quality time doesn’t happen without quantity time, and since I live a considerable distance from my family and dearest friend, I have to visit. And being the single one, I tend to be the visitor and not the visitee. (Well, except for Mom.) So I have to travel.

There are times when I get really tired of it. But it is one of the principles and values things — I believe in family, so I commit to spending time with them, especially since we don’t really keep in touch much by phone and only a little by email. (Well, except for Mom.) And that means I have to visit. So even though there are times when I would really like to stay home for months at a time, it doesn’t happen all that often.

As I get the timing worked out a bit for these visits, I’m trying to figure out if I should also go visit my parents or if they are going to want to come visit me. And when! Dad is a homebody, but Mom likes to come up here and sight-see the museums and the like. And I rather enjoy it too.

But in the meantime, I am enjoying my quiet month.

Considering a new one

As I get my schedule worked out for traveling to visit family this fall, I’m considering what race I want to do next. I still want to do another 10K in cooler weather to see if maybe I can run a little faster when the heat isn’t killer. So I’m looking at this one. It’s not too far away, and at least part of it is on pretty trails. I’m somewhat interested in not running on asphalt.

My goal? A slightly better pace than last time, so I’d like to do it in 90 minutes or better.