Happy holidays

Warning: Rant of sorts

Not too long ago I read some critical comments by passionate, politically active Christian organizations that we ought to reprimand/boycott/be annoyed by those companies that choose to use only “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

I confess my first reaction was something along the lines of “Get a grip.”

Now, just to give a clear and accurate background — I am a Christian. One who is fully aware of the basic history of the Christmas holiday. And I fully believe in respecting people’s choices (even when I think they are wrong; after all, that is what free will is, the opportunity to make our own choices, right and wrong). And what does that mean? It means that the “Christians” who are so obsessed with using the term “Merry Christmas” for the winter season celebration are totally ignoring the fact that 1) Christ was quite probably born in April, not in December (the historical inaccuracy of this has always annoyed me); 2) the pagan celebration of solstice is most definitely older than the celebration of the created holiday Christmas, which was after all created to replace the Yule celebration; and 3) businesses are not religious organizations. Asking them to make a religio-political statement by using only the specifically Christian terminology is ridiculous. All these people are doing is making Christians look fanatical about piddly details and disrespectful of other religions. The solstice celebration has not ever been exclusively Christian.

What does bother me with these businesses? If they use happy holidays only, fine. It’s generic and inclusive. But, if they use happy holidays, happy Hannukah, happy Kwanzaa, happy solstice, and yet refuse to include merry Christmas, then they are the ones being disrespectful by not granting equal treatment to all those who are having a holiday during December. The toleration practiced by these businesses should be inclusive, not preferential.

I have no specific examples to offer either way. I ignore the holiday shopping madness as much as possible.

Okay, rant over.

Happy holidays to all!


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