2011 goals

Like many these days, I don’t make resolutions, I define goals, which may or may not succeed, and are NOT limited to one year. So what are the goals in my mind?

  1. I desire greater clarity in my life this year, as I choose clarity to be my word of the year. It will help me make decisions.
  2. Do some reading and writing and studying to help me achieve clarity.
  3. Actually DO some hiking, not just talk about it. I need to do a project page on next actions.
  4. Address the painful left knee and the odd-feeling right ankle so that I can do the physical stuff I desire.
  5. Create a scrapbook about myself.
  6. Simplify and declutter.
  7. Better health (which does include the losing of weight, but I’m not listing that; for some reason, it doesn’t feel right).
  8. Make some progress in some of the crafts I’ve been neglecting: sewing, quilting, and weaving. Maybe a little embroidery too.
  9. Achieve some work goals (being deliberately vague here).
  10. Yoga would be good to add in

Well, ten is plenty.


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