Green Hornet review

Green Hornet 3D

I went to see it this weekend and both enjoyed it and disliked it intensely. As a retelling of the original story, it did horrific violence to the plot. As an entertaining story of today, it was okay, and even rather funny, with a lot of cool tricks.

What bothered me about the plot changes was not the details : that the father died or that Kato and Britt didn’t meet until after the father’s death was ultimately minor. What did bother me a great deal was the character of Britt Reid. They turned him into an arrogant, stupid, careless idiot who went into the role of Green Hornet with zero forethought or realization of what to do or how to do it. With the way they set it up, the relationship between Kato and Britt was fundamentally unequal in precisely the opposite direction to the original storyline. While I agree that greater equality in the roles of Hornet and Kato was an excellent idea, the way they went about it was actually less equal. And I liked both characters less.

And the violence! While I always thought that the comparative lack of violence in the original was unlikely in real life, that didn’t mean I was willing to go in the opposite direction and let them turn into killers without a second thought. No regrets about killing even a bad guy? Not one second thought about sending police cars into life-threatening accidents?

In the end, I did find the stunts cool, the fight scenes appropriately spectacular,  the repartee somewhat humorous,  but I certainly wouldn’t bother to see it again.

Oh, and the 3D was a waste. I barely noticed it.

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