Project 365

This year, I decided to do my version of Project 365, the effort to take one photograph per day for a year. For some, just taking the photograph is it, but I intend to create a scrapbook from it. I wanted to do it this year, because this is the year I turn 40, and although I don’t feel like my life will suddenly change because I have finished another decade, I do think it is a good moment to pause and evaluate my life. But I’m not doing it based on the 2011 year, but rather on my birthday year, so I am starting six months before to six months after my actual birth date. This means that my photos started in March rather than January.

To make this a workable thing, I have decided to use a basic template for my scrapbook pages, which I intend to do digitally. A simple page with nine square on it and a title bar. The title bar will have the Project title, with the week’s dates. Each box will have one photo, except for the one that is the explanatory text for each day. I will always put the days in the same order, with one extra photo box in the last spot. That extra is optional for a photo, but can be used for a photo that I liked but didn’t really express what I wanted for that day, for some reason. Otherwise, it could also be a spot for more writing or for just a piece of patterned paper.

I’m concentrating on several things: making sure I have photos of myself on a regular basis, observing the daily things in my life right now rather than only special events, trying not to obsess if I miss a photo one day. So far, so good, but I have no certainty that I won’t eventually forget a day.

One thing I am finding helpful is the daily reminder sent out from Katrina Kennedy’s site on Project 365, which keeps it to the forefront of my mind. I’m carrying my camera more and remembering to take a photo every day, though not always remembering what I want to photograph. But that’s okay. Something is better than nothing, and it is all part of my life. I do find it ironic, however, that much of her reminders don’t really focus on what I think of as daily life reminders. “Photograph a 6” doesn’t really inspire me to find an intriguing photograph of a six that happens to catch my eye. It just reminds me to look around for something in my life to focus on – and if it has a number, that’s nice. But then, I remind myself, that not everyone has the same focus as I in doing Project 365. So for others, that may be the most inspiring thought around.

It is leading me to think more about the Project Life kit that is floating around the scrapbooking world. It sounds interesting. I wonder how well it works with digital?


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