Roundup May 2011

Well, I’m really, really late getting this up, so some things will be fuzzy. But at least I started it before May was over.

What special or unusual event occurred?

See fun things 

Attendance at a work conference. It was in Philadelphia, so I was able to actually do some sightseeing in one of our nation’s oldest cities. The work aspect was good, but a little frustrating here and there. People are among the most difficult aspects of getting work done.
What were my accomplishments this month? 
Website from work/professional association was actually developed in two mockups. I am actually rather pleased by this. A third one is still to come.

Invitations for the party were received, addressed, and mailed.

What were my disappointments this month?

Didn’t get the invitations out at appropriate time. But I did get them out. See clarity question. (And late hindsight allows me to say that it turned out okay.)

What books/music/shows did I enjoy this month?

  • Uncentering the earth continued, since I didn’t quite finish it last month; I confess I found it uninspiring
  • Sock yarn one skein wonders, which I skimmed, but was not madly attracted too. I fear I am not much of a pattern follower. I am more inclined to use a stock pattern that I can adapt.
  • America’s game – started and read most of it, but didn’t finish it. It was interesting to understand more of the game of football, including how the controlling body developed and both aided and hurt the game. But I realized I was losing interest in it about 2/3’s in.
  • Variety of romances: too many to list, but I think of them as short snacks because I can read them so quickly

What crafts did I work on this month (not what I finished, but what did I work on)?

  • Socks #19 in Panda silk; I really like the feel of them
  • Toddler sweater
  • Fabric to felt
  • Finished threading the heddles and sleying the reed – now to figure out the tie-up and achieving a good shed.

What fun things did I do with my family, friends, or by myself?

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Day at Frogeye with guild

Teaching of knitting continues

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

Final SS party  — got some nice, small things, especially a tablecloth that I rather like, although I’m not sure I will use it, at least not for the table. I wonder if I could back it with something else to turn it into a picnic blanket?

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

Heddles! I was able to find the right size and number of texsolv heddles at MDS&W for my BabyMac.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

On May 1st, I decided to start the second course of antibiotics for which I had received a prescription the previous week. The doctor wanted me to wait instead of filling and starting it immediately after the first one, since it can take up to 10 days for a prescription to take full effect, but it was clear to me as the last few days of April passed that the sinus infection, although considerably less severe than before, was not gone. So on the Sunday, which was in fact the tenth day after starting the previous course, I started the new course. Somewhat to my surprise, the effect was once again noticeable. Within a few hours of taking it in early afternoon, I felt some returned congestion clearing up. However, once again, it did not fully get rid of it. So I went back to the doctor a third time on the 10th day and this time I received a stronger and lengthier antibiotic. It finally did the trick. In fact, it did the trick so well that I was able to dial back on my regular antihistamines for a while. Which suggests to me that infection is an ongoing problem for me, because it seems to increase my allergic sensitivity.

Concluding thoughts: the allergies were BAD this spring, which caused me to experience strong reactions, which did eventually lead to a very bad infection. I do not think that the infection caused everything. But there was definitely an infection (although my allergist is not certain).

Anything else noteworthy to include?

Not in bold

What clarity did I achieve?

Depending on someone else is a chancy business sometimes. Whenever I find that someone else is willing to do something for me for free, I need to define what I actually need, with goals and time limits, before they actually start working on it, so I can be sure that they understand the expectations.