Math and craft

You never know when that math and geometry you learned as a child will come in handy.

Unfortunately, you don’t remember it very well.

I was listening to a podcast talk about hexagon quilts. I was inspired… except that I really don’t want to make a hexagon quilt of many, many little hexagons. I prefer larger ones. And I don’t particularly want to make a whole quilt of one, maybe just a wall-hanging. So I don’t want to go BUY a ruler for what may turn out to be less than an enduring project.

So, obviously, I should draft my own pattern.

Drawing hexagons is not exactly easy.

Eventually, after muddling through several failed attempts, I looked online. I was able to find this helpful, explanatory site, which triggered the point I had been missing. I needed to measure my angles from the sides, not the center. I was on the right track with what I had been trying, but not yet there. So now I have a pattern template for a hexagon for a 12” block.

Now what am I going to do with it?

I’ll add a picture later.

Roundup July 2010

What special or unusual event occurred?

Vacation at the beach. Other than the day of sinus hideousness, it was a good vacation. (I think there was mold.)
What were my accomplishments this month?

Relaxation. I didn’t really try to do anything more than that, even after I got back to work and routine. When August starts… 
What were my disappointments this month?

I would have enjoyed twice as much vacation.
What books/music/shows did I enjoy this month?

  • Rex Stout books, six or more
  • several of the In death series
  • Romances of various types (some SEAL heros, a Stephanie Laurens book, etc.)
  • 1636: Saxon uprising by Eric Flint and
  • 1636: the Eastern front by Eric Flint
  • Green Lantern movie
  • The very first episodes of Perry Mason series – I used to watch it with my Dad but the repeats I saw were from the later seasons, I think. The first episodes showed some interesting differences from what I remembered.
  • Urban homesteading – already having negative thoughts about this book. It’s too sweeping in some of its generalizations. Or perhaps I should say it is too set in its own mindset.
  • Dying to please – romantic suspense by Linda Howard.
  • It’s a wrap – craft book; looking forward to it, but probably won’t finish it
  • Augustus – a biography of the first emperor of Rome; a very interesting book, with interesting detail. I found it interesting how much of the success of Rome as an Empire instead of a Republic depended on the character of its first emperor. He set things up to function a certain way, and he did so successfully. But a lot of it was based on his own character. Once later princeps came along that didn’t have his same character, they weren’t as successful. But the overall structure was.
  • Some more episodes from Season 2 of The man from U.N.C.L.E.

What crafts did I work on this month (not what I finished, but what did I work on)?

  • Socks #19 in Panda silk – finished
  • Inkle loom belt
  • Finished the Gail shawlette
  • Worked on lacey cowl but have decided to frog it, as I realized I would not have enough yarn.
  • Started Pine & Ivy shawl
  • Also a baby kimono, as I will need to have another baby sweater to give – the purple one was given on the last day of July.

What fun things did I do with my family, friends, or by myself?

Saw Green Lantern, vacation at the beach, and celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. That was plenty.
What gifts did I give and/or receive?

Singing for my parents at their party with my siblings.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

Storage containers, some for the living room; Solitude Wool, both yarn and fiber or spinning; and big purchase from Amazon, being a collection of many small things that would have been more work to buy locally.
What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

Sinus infection symptoms return; allergist; ct scan; no infection, just basic allergies, but definitely moving on to the nasal sprays. Three different ones for three different purposes. Oh, joy! (However, they seem to be working; I am cautiously optimistic.)

My ankle complained a bit, swelling up a bit and feeling sore. I really cannot stand for any serious length of time without paying for it. I do hope that one day my ankle will get over this.

Oh and I was reminded that I really can’t skip iron pills, as I have had a week of extreme sleepiness, despite having plenty of sleep. At first I thought it was just the heat – but the heat situation had improved and I was still sleepy! It wasn’t until I was more than halfway through the week and had started to recover (increased iron pill intake) before I made the connection. At a guess, my monthly cycle, plus skipping a few days, put me below my acceptable levels of iron.
Anything else noteworthy to include?

Quote for drywall repair awaiting.

Met Heather Ordover of Craftlit, now that she lives in my area. Really enjoyable chat.

Just do it

I have a dear, younger relative who seems to be suffering from a fear of failure. He is old enough that he needs to be making some decisions on his own, but seems to be hesitant. He doesn’t even want to move out of the house of his parents — and they are actually pretty ready for him to go. When I talk to his mom, or my mom, I keep hearing, he just needs to do it, or something similar, but no one seems to be working with him to figure out how. Well, I do think his parents are working with him to the extent that he is in counseling. But does that counseling actually get practical about how to face a fear of failure?

I actually do have an idea to offer. One of the things that paralyzes so many is that they are overwhelmed by the hugeness of their goals. If you can’t see past this big thing in your way, how can you know what to do next? So my solution comes directly from the whole idea of project planning and GTD. Don’t think about the ultimate goal as one big thing. Instead, sit down and break it down into many small steps. And then do just that One Next Action. Small successes can build into big successes, but you have to know what the next step is.

Once you know what your next action is, then just do it is an answer. But until then, it is useless advice.

Roundup August 2011

What special or unusual event occurred?

Scanned my APS photos for reasonable price

earthquake in the DC area; first time I’ve ever experienced something like that

Dad had open heart surgery

What were my accomplishments this month?

Pickling cucumbers

Finished denim quilt!!!!

What were my disappointments this month?

Foolishness with car key

What books/music/shows did I enjoy this month?

  • Rereading some Patricia Briggs
  • Harry Potter #7 movies
  • Heart search
  • some Georgette Heyer
  • Ring of Fire III

What crafts did I work on this month (not what I finished, but what did I work on)?

  • Pine & Ivy
  • Socks #20
  • Socks #21
  • Chemo cap
  • baby kimono
  • Crazy quilt
  • Denim quilt
  • Spinning on drop spindle
  • Sewed on Creativity Challenge from much earlier, but didn’t get very far

What fun things did I do with my family, friends, or by myself?

Checked out Fibre space

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

Knitting lessons resume after July being off.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

Actually taking a class on Big Picture classes about journaling.

Decided on the flooring and signed the contract. Well, the drywall repair person too, but that’s not as exciting.

trying out Shelter yarn

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?


Ankle taping, improvement definitely noticed; my ankle began to feel “normal” again

Iron in my blood was way too low, I finally realized, so I started taking the extreme amounts I needed

Anything else noteworthy to include?

I’ve definitely decided to buy an iPad for my birthday present to myself next month

What clarity did I achieve this month?

No matter what Mom said, I needed to visit after Dad’s surgery.