This year I’ve focused somewhat on clarity as my word of the year. Mostly the clarity that has come has been minor, connected to the tasks of life. But once again this fall I am reminded of a large truth that I sometimes forget. Don’t take on too much!

I’ve let myself commit to quite a few tasks, and then had a few more necessary tasks added in, whether I wanted to or not, and other worries have been crowding in, and the result? Tension is accumulating in my neck and in my brain. I’ve taken on too much, and some of the things I want to do are suffering as a result, as well as my sense of health. I haven’t been sick, but I would not be surprised if something does end up happening before the season is over. Right now I am in the mode of endurance, with the appropriate narrowing of focus. Only the pre-planned vacations are giving me respite.

But giving up my vacations are not an acceptable choice. I believe firmly in work/life balance, so these yearly family visits are a necessary part of my commitment to maintaining relationships and enjoying myself with family. They are also very relaxing.

I haven’t been surprised by tasks that I didn’t know about, I’ve just taken on too much. Clarity teaches me again that I can’t do that without paying a price. So I just have to survive until November is halfway over, and some of the worst will be over.

I hope.