Craft idea for 2012

It looks like Take a stitch Tuesday is returning.
I’ve been wanting to play with wool felt appliqué.
Maybe I can combine the two in wool crazy quilt blocks for experimentation with embroidery?

Wool & silk? Definitely wool and silk and cotton threads. Ideas are bouncing around inside my head. This would be good for a lunch-at-work project.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do

is simply keep your mouth shut.

I’m in an odd situation, where I’m a webmaster, but there are dual websites. The older website, which began it, is under the direct control of the former webmaster, who is the only one that can update it. I make appropriate updates, upload them to the website under my control, then send copies of the relevant files to him so he can do updates for the older one. (This is a transition period, in case you hadn’t realized.)

So what does he do? He changes my pages. The changes he makes? Not really errors, most of the time. And no longer his business to change.

But, do I say anything? NO! I am quiet and respectful. Eventually this will change. And it’s not worth it for me to object. There are political reasons not to say anything, aside from the simple courtesy of kindness and respect. Plus I have a feeling that he really doesn’t want to let control go, even though he himself suggested bringing in another webmaster in order to take a load off of himself.

But I have to wonder — does he realize how beyond irritating he is? He makes my work more difficult. And this…

Okay, I have to stop before I rant too much. Think about something else.

Missing the regular appointment

I regularly go to the chiropractor for adjustments, twice a month. I started about two or three years ago, and have felt great benefit from it. When I started doing it, I wasn’t sure that it was needed, but I was willing to give it a chance.

Last month, I received some proof that I have not only benefited from it, but I need to keep doing it.

Through a combination of circumstances that kept me off my routine, I did not get to either of my appointments in November. During the week after Thanksgiving, I really felt it. By that I mean that my neck muscles hurt because they were out of alignment. And I could feel the pain trying to creep down into my back. During this month of December, I have been back on schedule, with an extra appointment thrown in for good measure, and I have felt the difference. My neck bones don’t like to stay in place, it sometimes feels like, but being pushed back into place on a regular, consistent basis, keeps my muscles from getting pulled and pushed into unbalanced position. This saves me pain.

So, even though I don’t really like going as often as I do, I have clear evidence that it is a good thing, and I will keep doing it, no matter how wearisome it gets.