Missing the regular appointment

I regularly go to the chiropractor for adjustments, twice a month. I started about two or three years ago, and have felt great benefit from it. When I started doing it, I wasn’t sure that it was needed, but I was willing to give it a chance.

Last month, I received some proof that I have not only benefited from it, but I need to keep doing it.

Through a combination of circumstances that kept me off my routine, I did not get to either of my appointments in November. During the week after Thanksgiving, I really felt it. By that I mean that my neck muscles hurt because they were out of alignment. And I could feel the pain trying to creep down into my back. During this month of December, I have been back on schedule, with an extra appointment thrown in for good measure, and I have felt the difference. My neck bones don’t like to stay in place, it sometimes feels like, but being pushed back into place on a regular, consistent basis, keeps my muscles from getting pulled and pushed into unbalanced position. This saves me pain.

So, even though I don’t really like going as often as I do, I have clear evidence that it is a good thing, and I will keep doing it, no matter how wearisome it gets.

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