Roundup January 2012

What special or unusual event occurred?

Big professional midyear conference that had several accomplishments done and several resulting big things to do.

What were my accomplishments this month?

I presented on some website options for my committee. They took the option that I wanted them to take, which was a wonderful surprise. Now comes the task of building the website, which will be a whole ‘nother level of work.
I also received news that the overseas teaching I will be doing will have the focus I am looking for, which is something I have been pushing very strongly. I am extremely pleased by this. Now to get it scheduled right and do all the necessary prep, which will be a long slog!

What were my disappointments this month?

I was sick a good bit.

What books/music/shows did I enjoy this month?

  • Kelley Armstrong continued
  • Discovered a few more paranormal romances: Gena Showalter and Lara Adrian; wasn’t overwhelmed by the quality

What crafts did I work on this month (not what I finished, but what did I work on)?

  • Socks #23
  • Shelter sweater
  • Celtic cross blackwork
  • French braid quilt

What fun things did I do with my family, friends, or by myself?

It was a quiet month.

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

Award of a day off at work for teaching done last October.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

I tried not to purchase anything of significance. But I am thinking about a new camera. And really patiently awaiting the day I can replace my smartphone.

Plus I got some yarn.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

Began with a cold; long lasting ear inflammation; halfway through pinkeye recurred; regular checkup; time to get a mammogram.

Anything else noteworthy to include?

No. It was a really quiet month.

What rest did I achieve this month?

Active effort to get to sleep on time, but not always sleeping well. MLK day was a quiet day at home, cooking, a little bit of cleaning.


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