Ten on a Tuesday: what’s on your mind?

Inspired by Carole Knits Ten on a Tuesday

What’s on your mind right now?

  1. Allergist appointment — I really hope she listens to me and believes that I do know my own body. I do have a sinus infection.
  2. Busy schedule Tuesday through Thursday, much of it in prep for
  3. Stressful thing on Thursday
  4. Followed by massage appointment — yeah!
  5. Funny how I did the same thing seven months ago, also on the second Thursday of the month. I’m reliving my own life.
  6. Prep for interviews! I like interviews, but they are still intense and stressful.
  7. I really want the warping using the warping trapeze thing to work well. I want some dish towels made by me!
  8. Then maybe I could make some for gifts.
  9. Technology is both a love and a hate right now.
  10. I need to go to the library to check out some books. I’m running dry of new things to read that are really catching my interest and that is frustrating to me, as I am an obsessive reader.

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