Now (July 8, 2013)

time:  5:53 pm

location: Home

drinking: coffee

eating:  nothing yet

watching: The mentalist on DVD

feeling:  Pressured by time and priorities. Plus the pressure of the weather, which is giving me the beginnings of a sinus pressure headache.

loving: the heat

thinking:  I need to say no to some more things. In fact, I think I will say no to one of them for this Saturday.

making:  LOTS. Which is part of the problem of priorities.

wanting:  To have time off just to stay home and BE for a while.

needing:  Quiet time inside my head

reading:  Lots of blogs. Started A garment of shadows. Also have Kai Lung’s Golden hours going.

enjoying:  the late light of summer

avoiding:  getting up to cook for the week

wishing:  I could stay up late without paying for it tomorrow.

hoping:  I can get a baby quilt made in the next three weeks.

missing: Mom

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