Ten things I want to do this summer

Carole’s challenge for this week is ten things I want to do this summer. I think that should be an easy to list to come up with, but actually it wasn’t.

  1. go to the beach and be lazy for a long time. This is already planned, although I could wish it were for more than one week.
  2. Do Tour de Fleece 2013. I fully plan on this. I want to finish the sweater spinning that I started last year.
  3. plan on hiring landscape people to clean up my yard.
  4. Have some leisurely days. Put them on the calendar.
  5. Upgrade laptop memory.
  6. Explore some new recipes for cold desserts.
  7. Can something
  8. Walk in nearby national park.
  9. Run in a race? Undecided, but a possibility for late summer or early fall.
  10. Pursue Bikram yoga.

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