I am…Feb. 8, 2014

  1. I am very glad two new friends came over to join me for my craft Saturday. It did mean I missed some alone time, but I will survive. I’ll get some on Monday, since I am back to working at home.
  2. I am very ready for a shower.
  3. I am glad I did not exercise yesterday, as my ankle needed a break. Today it has been noticeably better. Now, should I go do the stationary bike?
  4. I am reading the Honor Harrington novels. It’s a re-read, so I’m skipping the boring and/or repetitive parts.
  5. I am winding a warp and then warping the loom for a class next weekend.
  6. I am looking forward to Italy. Only 11 days until I leave.
  7. I am slightly stressed by all the prep work that needs to be done at work.
  8. I am pleased by how the class is going, however.
  9. I am missing being able to watch the Olympics. It’s annoying that I have to have cable to watch it (or else have an antenna, which I have not yet installed).
  10. I am frustrated by the roofer’s extreme slowness.