In this moment 2014-06-17

Eating / Just had yogurt and there’s a peach waiting as a mid-morning snack
Drinking / Just finished my morning coffee, but now it’s water until this eveing.
Practicing / Focus
Mastering / Well, I don’t know about mastering, but I have several sewing projects of knit materials waiting to be sewn up, so I am trying to master it…
Learning / To balance things at work
Trying / To make sure I get all the necessary things done before leaving next week
Playing / Inside my head
Finishing / A pair of gift socks — very soon!
Reading / Grantville Gazettes
Remembering / Mom. For some reason, I’ve been thinking of her here and there. It’s not a bad thing, actually
Wearing / A linen dress that needs to be copied, as it is beginning to show its age. But it is so comfortable
Cooking / Minimally, as the heat is getting up there
Working / On cataloging as much as possible before the material to be reviewed arrives
Traveling / To the Southwest very soon. I am eager to see the Grand Canyon
Wanting / Time to just be… the beach is less than a month awa

I am…Feb. 8, 2014

  1. I am very glad two new friends came over to join me for my craft Saturday. It did mean I missed some alone time, but I will survive. I’ll get some on Monday, since I am back to working at home.
  2. I am very ready for a shower.
  3. I am glad I did not exercise yesterday, as my ankle needed a break. Today it has been noticeably better. Now, should I go do the stationary bike?
  4. I am reading the Honor Harrington novels. It’s a re-read, so I’m skipping the boring and/or repetitive parts.
  5. I am winding a warp and then warping the loom for a class next weekend.
  6. I am looking forward to Italy. Only 11 days until I leave.
  7. I am slightly stressed by all the prep work that needs to be done at work.
  8. I am pleased by how the class is going, however.
  9. I am missing being able to watch the Olympics. It’s annoying that I have to have cable to watch it (or else have an antenna, which I have not yet installed).
  10. I am frustrated by the roofer’s extreme slowness.

Thinking about

Outside my window: cold and dark, but hopefully this weekend will live up to the weather report and warm up a bit.

I am thinking: of a jumble of things in my mind. It’s time to do a review of todos.

I am thankful: that last weekend went well.

In the kitchen: I am eating lots of raw vegetables, but I think it is time to make a bean and grain salad.

I am wearing: my nightclothes of sweats and long-sleeved tshirt.

I am listening to: Celtic-style rock music. I think it’s time to switch to the instrumental, soothing stuff.

I am going: to bed soon.

I am hoping: that the roofing contractor finally listens to what I am saying.

I am looking forward to: going to Italy next month!

I am wondering: how I can manage some time just to stay home.

I am learning: more about how to manipulate computer video files.

I am praying: for a friend of the family and his wife, who suffers from dementia.

On my Ipod: knitting podcasts and lots of Celtic-style music

I am reading: Bastion / Mercedes Lackey

I am pondering: what to focus on this weekend. I know one thing will be prepping the warp for the weaving class in two weeks.

A quote for today: “speaking the truth in love”

A verse for today: That’s where the quote comes from: Ephesian 4:15. It’s a good reminder to speak kindly and make charitable assumptions of speech.

One of my favorite things: reading, curled up in my lounge chair.

A peek into my day: Tense from work, because the computers was so slow. Usually that’s not the problem, but today it felt like it, because I needed it to work faster.

January 3, 2014 NOW

time: 8:39 am
location: Home

drinking: water. Just finished my coffee, now I’m on water.

eating: Nothing right now. Had yogurt with strawberry syrup for breakfast.
watching: Nothing.
feeling: Steeling myself to get through a work day. I’ve got a book to read.
loving: The bright sunlight reflecting off the snow.

thinking: I hope for a better year. 2013 wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best year ever either.

making: Socks, a sweater, a dress, etc. I’m always making things.
wanting: Another staycation. I’d like some uninterrupted time to read and make things.
needing: Quiet time at home. Exercise.
reading: The bitter kingdom by Rae Carson. As well as a variety of other books.
enjoying: Celtic music
avoiding: Recording the videos I need for work. I’ll get to it, but I don’t think they are my best work, and just recording the videos is really the basic thing.
wishing: Wishing I had time to focus on my most basic work task. I’ve been doing other stuff for so long that I miss it.
hoping: That this year my family will continue to hold together. It’s been a year since Mom died now, and we’ve done pretty well. But it will take ongoing effort.
missing: Mom. still.

Right now 12 November 2013

time: 10:10 am
location: at work
drinking: water
eating: just finished yogurt with strawberry
watching: Arrow, and Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries
feeling: unable to concentrate
loving: reading
thinking: about gifts for Thanxmas
making: a cowl, socks, shawl, dress, quilt
wanting: I don’t know what
needing: time with family
reading: Phryne Fisher, same as the television shows
enjoying: the beauty of the fall
avoiding: working on the online teaching I have to do
wishing: to not feel rushed
hoping: it’s a good holiday
missing: Mom

Ten books I want to read

Sometimes Carole’s Ten on a Tuesday are easy, sometimes they are hard. This one is actually right in the middle, because really, only ten books I want to read? I read way too much. But we’ll give it a try.

  1. Beowulf by Seamus Haney – although actually I want to listen to it, not read it on paper
  2. On Walden Pond by Henry David Thoreau. I wonder if listening to it would work better?
  3. Archangel’s legion by Nalini Singh – well, whatever comes out next, I guess.
  4. Thankless in death by J.D. Robb – or whatever else is most recent. I really like this series, even if the individual books don’t live up to my expectations.
  5. 1636: the Devil’s opera by Eric Flint and David Carrico – whatever else is most recent in this series
  6. The long ships by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson. I read a fascinating review that struck me as equal parts funny and interesting.
  7. Cobbled Court quilt books by Marie Bostwick, both the main series and the related books. Oddly enough, I’ve only read one, but I liked it. I just haven’t gotten around to them.
  8. Eat, pray, love – curiosity mostly
  9. Patricia Briggs books – whatever is next to come out. I have read all of hers (I think, because not sure about the oldest stuff), currently buy them as they come out, and re-read them regularly. (Night broken in March 2014)
  10. Ilona Andrews books – once again whatever is next to come out. I like the Kate Daniels series best, but have read almost everything else she(and he) have written.

INTJ, or am I?

The Mastermind

I found out some time ago that my Myers-Briggs personality type is called the Mastermind. It was an interesting read, especially since I could definitely see some likenesses. And in some ways I found certain elements of that description to be freeing, in the sense that I could see those elements to be justified, in a sense. It was part of the balance of my personality to be an introvert, for an example, and it helped me to understand that I really do need to have time alone in order to balance my personality. Understanding that about myself helps me to make good choices for what I actually do need, both in choosing to be alone and in choosing not to be alone.

However, and this is where I am a bit of a rebel about personality tests — allowing oneself to be defined by your “personality type” is a form of self-limitation. Yes, there are likenesses in that description, but there are also warnings. I can look at that description and recognize several weaknesses in my character, and so work to avoid and/or strengthen them. I don’t get to just accept them. That’s a cop out.  I take responsibility for my actions; I don’t accept the excuse of saying, “oh, that’s just the way I am.” Maybe you do have a tendency toward such and such a character trait, but if it is a bad character trait, you are the one who decides to act upon it. I recognize in myself a tendency toward arrogance, and when I read the mastermind description it is there. But I take precautions against my own arrogance, with specific actions included in that to balance out the arrogance that is part of my nature. I do NOT allow it to have full play without any limitations.

In the same way, I find generational descriptions to be amusing and annoying at the same time. Yes, I am like my generation in many ways, but there are plenty of ways in which I am distinctly different. Aggregated data is limited when it comes to defining the person. Don’t assume that you are always a reflection of the aggregate. You are you, and should not be constrained by the box of the group.

Ten things I miss when I am away from home

Carole Knits has come up with an interesting ten things this time.

  1. My own pillow
  2. Milk, where I can drink right out of the bottle without feeling guilty
  3. the yogurt I make
  4. the ability to wear whatever I want, even if it is less than appropriate
  5. my own eating schedule
  6. having ALL my crafts ready to hand
  7. not having the television on
  8. the temperature I keep my own house
  9. Mobility — I do like having my car to get around.
  10. all my books at my fingertips

There’s just nothing like the convenience of home to be the way I like.

Ten on Tuesday: 10 words to describe yourself

  1. analytical
  2. introvert
  3. bookworm
  4. crafty
  5. organized
  6. Christian
  7. reserved
  8. self-confident
  9. easy-going
  10. subversive

Ten on a Tuesday for August 6, 2013

Ten things I want to do this summer

Carole’s challenge for this week is ten things I want to do this summer. I think that should be an easy to list to come up with, but actually it wasn’t.

  1. go to the beach and be lazy for a long time. This is already planned, although I could wish it were for more than one week.
  2. Do Tour de Fleece 2013. I fully plan on this. I want to finish the sweater spinning that I started last year.
  3. plan on hiring landscape people to clean up my yard.
  4. Have some leisurely days. Put them on the calendar.
  5. Upgrade laptop memory.
  6. Explore some new recipes for cold desserts.
  7. Can something
  8. Walk in nearby national park.
  9. Run in a race? Undecided, but a possibility for late summer or early fall.
  10. Pursue Bikram yoga.

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