Sometimes, the best thing you can do

is simply keep your mouth shut.

I’m in an odd situation, where I’m a webmaster, but there are dual websites. The older website, which began it, is under the direct control of the former webmaster, who is the only one that can update it. I make appropriate updates, upload them to the website under my control, then send copies of the relevant files to him so he can do updates for the older one. (This is a transition period, in case you hadn’t realized.)

So what does he do? He changes my pages. The changes he makes? Not really errors, most of the time. And no longer his business to change.

But, do I say anything? NO! I am quiet and respectful. Eventually this will change. And it’s not worth it for me to object. There are political reasons not to say anything, aside from the simple courtesy of kindness and respect. Plus I have a feeling that he really doesn’t want to let control go, even though he himself suggested bringing in another webmaster in order to take a load off of himself.

But I have to wonder — does he realize how beyond irritating he is? He makes my work more difficult. And this…

Okay, I have to stop before I rant too much. Think about something else.

Why so many pictures?

You know, but I am starting to get irritated with bloggers who seem to feel the need to put lots of irrelevant pictures in their posts. I’m not sure if it is becoming a pet peeve, but I am definitely upgrading it to a mild annoyance.

Now, let’s be clear: I like pictures in a blog post. But I like them to be relevant to the topic. Stray pictures of pretty items in your home or your neighborhood that don’t really have much to do with the topic at hand? While I might enjoy them, I don’t really want them IN the post. They just take up lots of space and bandwidth that make it slower for the page to load and be read. However, I will acknowledge that I am often a minority in this. But you see, I like words. I like long, narrative text without the interruption of pictures. If you add a picture that illustrates something or is connected to what I am reading, great, but otherwise irrelevant pictures? they don’t really add any interest for me. If you enjoy taking those pictures and want to share them, put them in a sidebar widget, not in the post where they don’t belong.


You don’t really realize how addicted you are until too late. That’s the kind of thing that’s a gamechanger.

On Sunday I lost my ipod (Classic 80 GB).

Don’t panic — I found it about six hours later.

But all the emotions were there: panic, fear, nervousness, etc. It’s not so much that I can’t function without it, it’s that I don’t want to. I listen to podcasts and music all the time. Private information is found on it as a backup. I almost never go anywhere without it and the ability to listen to it. So being without it is…unpleasant.

I realized awhile ago that I am so totally accustomed to it that if I lost mine in any way, I would immediately replace it, probably with the 64GB iTouch. Cost would not stop me — the money is already in savings.

That is, by very definition, a gamechanger. And I never even realized it until it had already changed things.

Smartbooks may be what I want

I’ve been thinking for quite a while that the smartphone isn’t really doing it for me. I’ve been struggling to figure out what would meet me needs/wants/dreams. I think the new format of smartbooks may be it.


What about them appeals?

  • always on capability, much like the smartphone capability of being on without having to boot up
  • I’m assuming that they will be able to do productivity software and that I will be able to sync it to MS Outlook on my regular computer at home. This is a key capability for me, and probably for any kind of business use (although I want it for personal life), and it puzzles me that all the hype has not even mentioned it yet. I’m a trifle concerned, since with the smartphones at this point, ONLY WinMob has the FULL sync capability for all parts of Outlook (except for Journal, which is puzzling, but fortunately I don’t use that part).
    • If only someone would enable that full sync capability with my home computer, not via the Internet but direct sync via USB, I’d consider the Android OS or any of the others, but right now I’m stuck because of my commitment to Outlook. Are there any decent replacements with all its capabilities?
  • decent battery life that lasts at least the full day
  • easy ebook capability? I’ve been really iffy about a dedicated ebook reader, but I do like the possibility of having lots of books at my fingertips.
  • eventually cheaper/comparable price to smartphones

What about them doesn’t appeal?

  • Well, the fact that the manufacturers who keep talking about them don’t seem to be open to the idea of one that isn’t locked into a 3G data plan that I may not want. I DON’T necessarily want to be always on. I am more likely to want to be connected in wi-fi spots, connected at home, and otherwise working from the system itself from recorded stuff. I might find that eventually I want to be always on, but at this point, as a lifestyle choice, I’d say NO. So I want the option.
  • the fact that it can’t be my phone as well, but I can work with that with no real problem. There are plenty of cheap, small phones.


  • Durability!!!
  • Operating system
  • How much memory? I do NOT want to depend on the cloud (nor do I fully trust it — security, you know).
  • Sync capability
  • Security, security, security
  • Touchscreen/keyboard/tablet form factor? Can all three be combined into one?
  • it better have the card reader storage capability

So, potential seen, but still in process here.

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