Why so many pictures?

You know, but I am starting to get irritated with bloggers who seem to feel the need to put lots of irrelevant pictures in their posts. I’m not sure if it is becoming a pet peeve, but I am definitely upgrading it to a mild annoyance.

Now, let’s be clear: I like pictures in a blog post. But I like them to be relevant to the topic. Stray pictures of pretty items in your home or your neighborhood that don’t really have much to do with the topic at hand? While I might enjoy them, I don’t really want them IN the post. They just take up lots of space and bandwidth that make it slower for the page to load and be read. However, I will acknowledge that I am often a minority in this. But you see, I like words. I like long, narrative text without the interruption of pictures. If you add a picture that illustrates something or is connected to what I am reading, great, but otherwise irrelevant pictures? they don’t really add any interest for me. If you enjoy taking those pictures and want to share them, put them in a sidebar widget, not in the post where they don’t belong.