Alternate worlds

I read a lot. I’ve been called a bookworm with perfect truth every since I really discovered books back in elementary school. Even my career is based on books. And I do love it!

One of the book series that I’ve been enjoying a great deal in recent years is the 1632 series by Eric Flint, et al. And I think the most interesting thing about it is that he is so open about adding other people in as authors. The only novel that is exclusively his is the very first. All the other full-length stories are him and someone else, plus there is a large number of contributors in the short stories.

It’s just plain fascinating.

Since I like history as well, it is very interesting to read something that informs you so much about the history of that time period. Obviously the events that happen in the stories are not true, but the background is, and it is completely interesting to someone like me.

If you are at all interesting in the what-if’s of history, and like fiction, then I would highly recommend this series to you.

But really what is most remarkable about his series is that it has led to a significant purchase of ebooks. I got so impatient to read the Grantville Gazette series that I just had to buy the first ten, since it would take forever to wait for them to be published in paper. I’ve only done something like that once before.

I must remember the lesson I learned from before, and make sure to back up my copy of those ebooks.