What spinning has continued?

Been busy, I must say.

The most recent batch of spinning has been in the nature of sampling. I had 8 oz. of Border Leicester wool. I did half of it very thinly and the second half somewhat more thickly. I’m still deciding how I want to ply them.

I wasn’t precisely pleased with the prep. I felt it could have been better combed. Instead it felt like it had been carded and as a result I couldn’t achieve a decent worsted spin. The question is, of course, is that the result of the breed or of the preparation only. It was certainly long-stapled enough that it could have been combed.

I’ll try to add pictures later.

Right now, I’ve got a lovely 8 oz. of alpaca roving. It’s the fleece of an adult, with a mix of brown, black, and white in the colors. The fleece wants to be spun fine, so I am obliging it. I think I’ll try to do some chain-plying when it’s done. (There’s 8 oz. of alpaca fawn fleece waiting after that, and I must say I want to get my hands on it.)