Remembering an idea

See, I have all these thoughts that occur to me and I need to get them down before I forget them. Sometimes it feels like an entire party inside my head.

Okay, so I have a friend who may be suffering from celiac — and she has requested a gluten-free bread, since I regularly make my own bread. So I start doing a little research, read some of a blog I enjoy who regularly has gluten-free recipes, and out of nowhere get the urge to re-read the book Bread alone that I’ve had in my recipe collection for eight years, because it occurred to me that it might be something I can do a better job with now that I mill my own grain. (I need to do some more looking in the KA recipe book as well.) But what does that have to do with the creation of a gluten-free bread? I dunno, but turns out that it triggered an idea. Pain au levain is akin to sourdough in that you go through this long process of creating a chef to create flavor and texture in the bread.  Not precisely applicable to gluten-free bread, or is it? What’s to stop me from creating that same kind of taste with an alternative grain like amaranth or teff or … I need to go look at the list of gluten-free grains. And it might improve the texture, too??? It won’t replace the gluten, but it might improve the things that a new celiac misses about wheat bread.

This is going to take some experimentation.