Ten favorite Christmas cookies

Inspired by Carole knits

  1. Chewy molassas cookies – absolute top favorite that no one else habitually makes. I use the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, which ensures properly chewy cookies.
  2. Hermits – which I like without all the nuts or dried fruit. I like the airyness of the cookie and the light touch of ginger flavor.
  3. Sugar cookies – no icing necessary
  4. Butter cookies – you know the ones found in the Danish tins?
  5. Gingerbread cookies – are you perchance getting a hint that I like the ginger flavor in my cookies.
  6. Snickerdoodles
  7. Chocolate chip is always good, IF they are chewy. (We are now moving into the I like them, but they are not true favorites. I don’t really have TEN favorites.)
  8. Same for double chocolate chip
  9. Sands (I think they are also known as Mexican wedding cookies)
  10. I don’t have another favorite cookie, but I do like the chocolate cookies with the cracked surface and sugar on top. I don’t know what their official name is.

I like cookies better than cake.

Ten favorite holiday songs

Inspired by Carole Knits Ten on a Tuesday


  1. O come, O come, Emmanuelle – I don’t care what time of year it is, the music makes me shiver in a delightful way. It’s the minor key thing.
  2. I wonder as I wander – another minor key song – maybe there’s a theme here?
  3. Carol of the bells – I always adored the silvery sound of the bells
  4. Do you hear what I hear?
  5. Good King Wenceslaus – I always liked the fact that I was able to memorize the lyrics because it told a story
  6. White Christmas – it is just a classic
  7. Blue Christmas – we can’t leave Elvis out of this list
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. Frosty the Snowman – I always liked Frosty better than Rudolph
  10. Coventry Carol – I love the harmonies on this one; plus I just really like medieval music of this type.