Belt idea

What about a belt made of different yarns, all different shades of the same color, braided into a long belt?

I can imagine one that would match what I’m wearing.

Let’s be random

  1. Why aren’t there more cooking tv shows that actually mention working with whole wheat flour? I mean, it’s becoming a big thing in the grocery store – a lot more people actually eat whole wheat bread. Yet I’ve not yet seen a single show that mentions baking of any sort with whole wheat flour or other flours. Why not?
  2. Once again, advertising ignores the deeper reality in a way that I find annoying, because it emphasizes the shortcut over the actual investment of time and effort. Advertising Miracle Gro planting dirt, they show a normal soil in a suburban yard, which is less than desirable. And do they suggest that it might take a while to correct this problem? Do they even hint at the idea that it would be good to feed the soil compost, mulch, or any other kind of nutrient to feed the soil? Of course not! they only suggest that the answer is to mix in the Miracle Gro “soil” that will allow your plants to grow. It makes perfect sense!
  3. I am so tired of this chilly weather. No longer are we getting really cold weather. Just chilly. But still…I am tired of it. I want some warmth. (whine, whine, whine, yes, I know)
  4. I had an idea of a bag using the wrapped cord technique that I learned at guild. But, a really big tote bag, not a small little stiff bowl. I wonder if it would work?
  5. Last night and tonight, and probably the next few nights, I am madly scanning in photos, etc. in order to create a slideshow for my parent’s 50th anniversary party. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, so it is a good opportunity to get moving on the job.