Math and craft

You never know when that math and geometry you learned as a child will come in handy.

Unfortunately, you don’t remember it very well.

I was listening to a podcast talk about hexagon quilts. I was inspired… except that I really don’t want to make a hexagon quilt of many, many little hexagons. I prefer larger ones. And I don’t particularly want to make a whole quilt of one, maybe just a wall-hanging. So I don’t want to go BUY a ruler for what may turn out to be less than an enduring project.

So, obviously, I should draft my own pattern.

Drawing hexagons is not exactly easy.

Eventually, after muddling through several failed attempts, I looked online. I was able to find this helpful, explanatory site, which triggered the point I had been missing. I needed to measure my angles from the sides, not the center. I was on the right track with what I had been trying, but not yet there. So now I have a pattern template for a hexagon for a 12” block.

Now what am I going to do with it?

I’ll add a picture later.