Challenge of singleness and health

There’s a challenge that comes with being single when you want to use more natural remedies. How do you manage the work of using an herbal remedy for occasional sickness when those remedies do not maintain their effectiveness long enough to be used? It’s a lot of work to create herbal medicines, work that can all too easily be wasted if there is no occasion to use them. One of the biggest pluses with the more conventional medicines is that they maintain their effectiveness for a good, long time. When you only catch a cold at most maybe once a year, that longterm effectiveness is a big bonus, and a significant barrier to the desirability of herbal remedies.

So, the question returns, how to manage this? At the moment, I don’t have a quick solution to offer. I am exploring the subject of herbal tinctures, since they seem to keep their effectiveness longer than other forms of herbal remedy, but it will take a while to figure out which herbs are the most versatile and therefore the most desirable. I have heard of elderberry, but only one remedy seems rather limiting. More research is indicated.

Of course, what this also shows is the limitations of being counter cultural. If herbal medicine were more an accepted part of our culture, and therefore more easily available, I would not have this limitation, because I would be able to go to someone for whom this is their vocation, and buy or barter for the medicine. There would be no question about which one to use, or its freshness or effectiveness.

One day, perhaps, that will be possible.