This weekend I suddenly gave in (?) to the sewing urge. I’ve been having competing craft urges this year that have been causing unsettled confusion about what to work on when. Partially, I think, it’s because so much of my mental energy has been taken up by home improvement projects that coming home isn’t really a refuge anymore, it’s a place of guilt for not working on the big projects. This is especially true for the bathroom work, since my friends are so generously donating their time, and if my lack of action delays the work, I feel guilty, and rightly so. (Reminder: Wood putty, drywall mud, and scraping the floor must occur soon.) It also means that my house is a mess — we won’t discuss the second bedroom, which is basically storage for the bathroom stuff right now. (Go buy ceiling fans and look at toilets.)

But sometimes you must pause and work on what you want to work on, regardless of timing and other pressures, because ultimately that is what feeds your soul. So Friday night I got the sudden urge to finally work on the bag I’ve been contemplating. It’s for my niece, and I actually had her pick the main fabric earlier this year. She didn’t ask for it, I just felt the urge to make a bag, and didn’t feel an especial need for one myself, so I remembered one of the Amy Butler pattern collections had a style that was very similar to what my niece had picked for her bedroom, sent her an email and said, basically, what would you like? I’m in the mood to make you a bag. Interestingly, this was way back in spring.

Well, I doodled some ideas, looked at some books, made a few more fabric purchases — a few other cuts from the same collection for things like binding and pockets, a soft wrinkly silk for lining, a separatable zipper for the top — and did nothing.

This weekend I felt that urge strengthen to the point of action. I had a good documentary on the tv, an extra bit of time for a holiday weekend, and an idea in my head of what to do first. It seems to be going quite well. I’ve got the bag quilted, all pieces cut out, the zipper sewn in to the top, and the different parts mostly ready to go together.

Then I got distracted by the cleaning and rearranging urge.

I’m just like that sometimes. Too many things to do, too many distractions… I contemplate for a long while, then I move on it. The rearranging was just waiting for me to act on it, and having moved on the sewing got me in the mood for moving on the rearranging. I think what I need to do next is stare at the different pieces and a sewing bags book, and figure out what order to do things in. I’m not precisely following a pattern, so it’s not perfectly clear. And unfortunately the time to do that in is fading away with the weekend. At least I hope to have this done by Christmas; I’m thinking it will make a decent Xmas present for my niece.

In the meantime, this holiday today will be a workday of sorts. Working on the bathroom, canning tomatoes, cooking meals for the rest of the week, then going out to eat for a friend’s birthday will fill the day nicely, though I’m not sure it will be quite as restful as I had wanted.

I’ll try to actually take some pictures of the purse, so I can describe what I did.