Ideas for the future

Since this is not exclusively a blog about what I am doing, but also about what I’m thinking of doing, you now get to find out what I’d like to do next… eventually.

Sewing with a plan is the concept. Since currently i am working on a tote bag, a muslin for a dress, followed by the dress itself, this will have to wait a while, since I have a rule about starting a new project before finishing at least one on the floor. But I’d like to work out some ideas.

A popular idea in today’s sewing culture is sewing a group of garments that are all intended to work together in color and fit. Apparently Project Runway, which I’ve yet to actually watch once, has inspired a large increase in sewers who want to actually make their own clothes. And being inspired by individual patterns and fabrics doesn’t always lead to something to wear. So I would like to actually work out that idea for myself, since I find it a good one.

So what would I include in my plan? Well, let’s challenge ourselves with new things to learn: one dress, two skirts, one pair of pants, four or five tops, and a jacket, all intended for winter wear. One skirt and the pants will be in gray, probably tweedy, as will the dress. The other skirt would be a good brown. The tops would be jewel colors to match gray and brown, meaning green, red, purple, tan/gold, and blue. One or two of the tops might be a print, but I tend to go for subtler fabrics, so I would prefer brocade-type fabrics of at least medium-weight. The jacket would be the place to have a medium size print, which includes the grays and browns with jewel tone accents.

I would like worsted wool suiting for the skirts and pants fabrics; maybe for the dress as well, since I was thinking a lined jumper.

For the tops, maybe some jersey knits? I would like some long-sleeved knit tops that are not turtlenecks, though not low-necked. In the winter, my neck can get cold, although a decorative scarf might counter that problem.

The jacket would need to be a heavier-weight wool fabric, or perhaps a home dec fabric adapted to a person. Definitely lined, either way.

Man, I have so much I need to learn to achieve this.

I need to go browse fabric stores for fabric inspiration, too. The internet doesn’t quite cut it.