design ideas

I have this idea for a sweater out of my grey handspun: top down sweater with a cable knot on the shoulder, that then has cables going down the front on each side and down the arms, also maybe down the back? I

I want it to be a square yoke sweater, done top down with purls for the turn point of the arm; follow the basic logic of a top down raglan, but not raglan shaping, looking more for set-in sleeve shaping.

I hope this is going to be possible, I’ve been dreaming it up for a long time.

Of course, if it doesn’t work, I can always try again later.

But I cannot start until I’ve finished the two sweaters that I have close to completion. It’s a rule.

felted fabric

I’ve had an idea.

I found that if I knitted the Harrisville yarn that I had used for weaving, then felted it, it made very nice felted fabric. And it could be washed to the point where it would not shrink any more. And I like felted fabric, but wasn’t feeling inspired by the thought of non-knitted felting (at least not now, maybe one day).

So what do I want to do with it? I want to make some cardigan with the felted fabric. This is basically the same thing as the boiled wool jackets that I have already, and I love them. I wear them a LOT in the winter. I have one in green and one in blue (indigo-dyed from a cream white, but it was getting so many stains, it needed to be dyed so I could keep using it without looking icky).

So I am going to knit a whole lot of stockinette and then throw it into the washer and dryer — multiple times — to create some lovely fabric that will then be cut up and sewn.

Here’s the experiment where I checked to see if it would work: Felted fabric from knitting It made a nice, dense fabric, not too thick, that will work nicely, I think. There are still decisions to make — edging? handsew? — but I’m looking forward to having a yellow one. I just hope I have enough yarn! It’s leftovers.

Lochinvar so close

Just sewing on the buttons, which I don’t have yet, but I hope to get at MDS&W.

Also it needs to be washed.

It will be done, done, done! Four years since I started it, a long period of hibernation, then I finally got over the hump of picking up the stitches for the sleeves with the Knitting Olympics. I didn’t finish it with the Olympics, but I definitely made enough progress to get me mentally where I needed to be, moving, feeling the momentum, an end in sight — need I go on?

Lochinvar completed, design by Alice Starmore

Lochinvar all done, done, done!!!

I do like it a great deal. Would I change anything? Well, I might have a done it a size smaller needles, but this is a size of sweater that doesn’t mind being large. Did I change anything? Yes, the sleeves are slightly shorter than the pattern called for, and I added four rows to the collar, because I think there was an error in the pattern. I need to check that, but not really a big deal. It’s more for my curiosity than anything else.

I definitely like the knit/purl patterns and the gusset of the gansey style. Now what shall I do next? I would like to use my gray handspun, something with set-in sleeves and some minor cabling. I’d also like to do a basic raglan sweater knitted with light fingering weight yarn, like the sock yarn, in one of the tone-on-tone colorways. And of course I still have that cotton cardigan to do that I started last year. Decisions, decisions.

Knitting (and other crafts) Olympics

The Yarn Harlot has declared the Knitting Olympics, Ravelry is going to town with it. I’ve been debating whether or not to get involved, but I have finally decided to set myself a goal.

I am going to do the sleeves on my Lochinvar sweater. I have picked up one sleeve, and will start on it tonight with the Olympics opening. I will then try to pick up the next one when I have plenty of light and finish it off before the Olympics end.

Any other goals? Well, if I can, I will do loom maintenance and warp of the old cottolin warp with a point twill and so some spinning. That is the limit of my goals. Considering how that sweater has been haunting me, that’s plenty. It’s more of a mental challenge than a skill challenge.

In the meantime, I’m snarling over computer problems. And glad to get out of the house after all this snow!