I get cold

Now, I believe in doing my best to conserve energy, and therefore to be conscious of how much something costs, not just to me personally but to the world overall. But there is one thing that I simply find it impossible to do.

That’s cut my heating down.

I’ve heard of people who actually keep the thermostat down at 60 degrees all winter long; I am in awe of them. But me personally? Ain’t gonna happen. I get cold.

Now it’s not like I’m walking around with my thermostat set at 80 degrees either; my goal is 68 degrees F when I’m at home and active. And since I have a programmable thermostat, that does mean that frequently it’s lower than that if I am not at home or asleep at night. And I even do a little better than it sounds, because when I set my thermostat to 68, in reality, it’s often lower than that. (Of course, then I start to notice my hands are cold, and go turn it up.) But when I’m at home? I really cannot function with the thermostat at 60. Even dressed warmly, my hands get cold, and even fingerless gloves aren’t going to do the trick. There are too many things where any kind of glove gets in the way. And if my hands are cold, much of the activity at home is, well, close to impossible. Even something as simple as reading becomes problematic if my hands are cold. Plus, most of my activities aren’t the get-up-and-move-around kind.

Now, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things I could do to improve the situation, but they are mostly longterm projects, not quick solutions. Improving insulation, more energy-efficient heating, more localized heat for where I am, etc. all of these are on the list for improvement, but they take money and are not going to happen fast.

InĀ  the meantime, I comfort myself with the thought that I probably do much better than most people in the summer, because I like the heat, and will often leave the thermostat at 72 or so for most summer days, and run the fan(s) for localized cooling.

Balance; it’s all a matter of balance.