Ten things I always take on vacation

Carole Knits has suggested ten things I always take on vacation for this weeks post. So, to clarify for this, the vacation I am referring to is a specific vacation: the beach week. My family regularly, though, sadly, not annually anymore, rents a beach house together and spends a week at the beach, flaking out and doing a whole lot of nothing. This is immensely appealing to me. So, reflecting the beach house situation is noticeably different from any other type of vacation in which I engage, so I bring things there that I never take anywhere else.

  1. my good quality knives in their knife block
  2. beach chair
  3. beach towels
  4. cooler
  5. extra silverware
  6. games, cards
  7. measuring cups and spoons
  8. flipflops
  9. goggles
  10. sunscreen