Intro to projects 34

So, let’s backtrack and actually include a picture or two, now that I have a digital camera.

#34 is my next pair of socks, actually made with lovely Koigu yarn, which is 100% merino wool. I started out playing with these, actually doing them on US000, which is 1.75 mm (or maybe US00, can’t remember for sure). Since the yarn label recommends US3/3.25 mm, you can guess that I started having some problems eventually.

They didn’t, interestingly enough, appear quickly.

I had done the entire ribbing on the leg and finished the turning of the heel that I was testing out (Balbriggan heel as described in Folk socks; don’t think I really like that style so much, but then that is the point of the test), started on the foot — and realized the tension was way too tight. I was feeling the tension in my hand muscles, and dropping stitches, and just feeling that the fabric was too taught in general.

I undid it all.

I had to wash at least some of the yarn, in order to relax some of the tight kinks. I started again, this time using US0/2.0 mm size needles. Since even this is smaller than what the yarn label recommends, I’m still getting a fairly tight weave, but that is what I want for these socks. And having moved up so much, it’s moving along quite quickly. I’m already close to finishing this first sock. Hopefully the next one will happen just as fast, since I’ve already got much next sock yarn to try. I’m not sure what heel I’ll use next, but I’m going to try the star toe on this pair.

Here’s what it looked like once I restarted the sock.

Well, I’ll show you that when blogger decides to cooperate.


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